Rugs to Riches
Jennifer Choo | 16 Jun 2017 00:30

Rugs often don’t get much of the spotlight when it comes to design – that seems to be hogged by more modular accoutrements like chairs and tables. But when one thinks about a key accessory that pulls a look together, the rug can be the foundational piece which makes or breaks a room. Not to mention the sheer sensorial pleasure of having a luxurious carpet underfoot to help soothe the sharp edges of a bad day away.

If there is anyone who can give rugs the attention they deserve, it would be Omar Khan. Khan, 37, has always recognised the power of a statement rug. His floor adornments are in turns poetic, dramatic and stunning.

Since he established Omar Khan Rugs in 2014, his rugs have found homes in palatial residences, Michelin-starred restaurants, ultra-luxe resorts and designer boutiques – and he is just getting started.

A man of many hyphenates, from his multi-ethnic background (Dutch-Chinese-Egyptian-Pakistani-German) to his multi-cultural upbringing (Singaporean by birth, grew up in Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta and Connecticut, and to cap it off, a degree in animation and graphic design from New York’s Parsons School of Design), Khan’s career has also been as multi-faceted.



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