Seremban’s journey to city status
Laura Lee | 23 May 2014 00:01
There was much excitement last year at talk Negeri Sembilan’s state capital Seremban would gain city status before the year was out. Whether this will now take place this year is anyone’s guess, with the first quarter already gone. As far as Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Utama Mohamad Hasan is concerned, infrastructure such as public transport, services such as garbage collection and the provision of safer neighbourhoods must be in place before the “old town” gains recognition as a city. Among the basic criteria necessary to the granting of city status to a local government are a minimum population of 500,000 and an annual revenue of no less than RM100 mil – criteria which Seremban has met. As an administrative district Seremban, which covers 959 sq km, contributes 555,935 to the state’s population based on 2010 data. Within the local government area, Seremban’s population, however, amounts to only 314,502 while that of Nilai is 200,988; Nilai covers most areas of the Seremban district, except Seremban town. Mohamad believes Seremban is still the “best bet” for investors and for those who want to live here, raise their families and call it their home, as the cost of living is lower than in KL.

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