Sketching up a storm
Choo Ching Yee | 19 Sep 2014 01:00
With a marker pen in hand, the ever-ready graphic recorder in a long flowing skirt and fetching pixie haircut deftly fills up the white space on the board in front of her. A smiling caricature, previously drawn on the far side of the board, seems to cheer her on as she records the live presentation on stage. The live graphic recording process is a marvel to watch as the artist draws upon the presentation unfolding before her to populate the board with the key points from the speech. Imagine speaking and having your speech turned into images through the eyes of an artist. By the time the presenter reaches the end of his talk for the audience, the artist is done with her board. At this point, it is still mostly in black and white. Within the next few minutes, she zests it up with more colour and, voila, a visually-engaging board for your social media treatment. This is graphic recording, the art of creating visual content on the spot while the speaker presents it. The graphic recorder is Bernadette “Bernie” Quah Paik Choo, a one-woman show running Sketchpost.

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