Economy fails to score at World Cup
Yeoh Guan Jin | 20 Jul 2018 00:30
Sport has come a long way. Now it’s as much about the money that can be made as it is about the glory for team and country.

Success on the pitch rests as much on the shoulders of the sponsors, advertisers and even betting syndicates as it does on the players. It’s become a big business.

Nothing underscores this more than football. It’s not just the German precision or the Brazilian rhythm-and-dance that makes it the most beautiful game in the world. Money adds to the score as well.

It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry – from club competitions to international tournaments, billions are spent through advertising, sponsorships and, of course, the buying and selling of players like they are commodities. Equally large sums of money are won or lost through wagers.

The ultimate in football glory must be the World Cup, an international competition that pits the globe’s top footballing nations against each other.

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