Tiff over a life-sustaining liquid
Yeoh Guan Jin | 07 Sep 2018 00:30
Wars have been fought over water, and for good reason. Without an adequate supply of this essential commodity, we would all perish.

In fact, conflicts over water have occurred for the better part of the last 5,000 years of our history, according to the Pacific Institute, a global think-tank that focuses on developing sustainable water policies.

While water has not always been the sole reason for going to war, it has remained a big part of the reason nations engaged in armed conflict. Disagreements between nations and within nation states have occurred over access to this commodity.

According to a study by Aaron T Wolf, Kerstin Stahl and Marcia F Macomber of the Department of Geosciences at the Oregon State University, there were 1,831 international water-related conflicts in just the last 50 years of the 20thCentury.

In our little corner of the world, we too have our tiff over this life-sustaining liquid. Malaysia and Singapore are back at each other’s throats (figuratively) over the supply of water to the island-republic.

Of course, both sides have been civil enough to not take up arms to make a point. One could look at it as an outstanding issue yet to be comprehensively resolved after a divorce.

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