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Dynamic Force
Grace Lim | 08 Sep 2017 00:00
Kent Chua is a certified accountant who started Rhombus Connexion.

Kent Chua started his first business venture at seven. As a boy, he was infatuated with comic books but couldn’t afford them. Attempts to get his friend to lend him his comic books after he had finished reading them were met with a resounding no.

And so he improvised. He proposed renting the comic books to other friends and then splitting the earnings. The friend was intrigued and agreed.

This enterprising mind of his has led Chua to establish Rhombus Connexion, a platform that offers owners of F&B outlets support services such as accounting, financing and other operational needs.

Chua, 32, hails from Kuching and is a certified accountant. His journey into entrepreneurship began when he met a colleague who shared his passion for diving. They would travel often to new dive sites but soon found that this lifestyle put a strain on their finances.

“Our fixed income was not going to sustain our passion for travel and diving. So we decided to start a business together,” he says. “F&B seemed like a good idea but we didn’t want to open a restaurant because that kind of business was very much dependent on the chef. We didn’t want to deal with a rebellious chef.”

The other option was opening a bar but a cocktail bar was out of the question as that would mean relying on a mixologist. A beer bar was proposed instead. “As auditors, we always consider the worst case scenario. If all of our staff left us, at least we would still be able to serve beer from the tap.”

Hence, The Beer Factory was born. Its biggest selling point is the happy hour prices throughout the day – no matter the time of the day, the more beer you purchase, the cheaper it is. The gimmick worked and The Beer Factory now has 12 branches all over Malaysia including Kota Kinabalu.

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