Booking management made easy
Behonce Beh | 20 May 2016 00:30
Softinn allows hotel owners to better manage their properties through a cloud-based system
It is utterly annoying to arrive at your hotel, only to learn that you have been double-booked. The agony of arguing with the hotel staff can be tiresome when all you need is a bed to relax on after a long journey. For hotel owners, that headache can be avoided if they have a system that manages bookings, both online and offline. Typically, such solutions are used by larger hotels due to the high costs involved, but one local start-up has developed an innovative system to cater to small hotel owners. Softinn Solutions Sdn Bhd founder Jason Lee Jee Shen is an accidental entrepreneur who stumbled upon a cloud-based solution while working on a favour for some friends. “In 2006, I had friends who started a budget hotel in Melaka and they asked me to create a website for them.

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