Slurp app for better service
Behonce Beh | 25 Jul 2014 00:08
Good food, good service. Two common themes that rarely come together in most Malaysian eateries. We all imagine the day when walking into our favourite food joint, we can have our meal sent to us the moment we take our seats. That may not sound too far-fetched as a home-grown tech company, Silent Mode, is out to change the way we order our meals, one restaurant at a time. “We noticed diners are less likely to visit a restaurant that has good food but bad service,” explains its co-founder Zara Aida Razali on how her team came to develop Slurp, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system for those in the food and beverage retail business. Through Slurp, waiters no longer have to key in customer’s order from paper into the system or walk all the way to the kitchen to pass on the order as the ordering process is done electronically right from the beginning, via an iPad or a smartphone app. Information such as menu items and their prices, employee time cards, and customer bills are stored in a secure repository on the cloud and accessible by authorised users anytime and anywhere.

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