Building a business on necessity
Calyn Yap | 22 May 2015 00:30
The number one concern for Juris Technologies Sdn Bhd is to develop human capital
A business that addresses a real need is key for any entrepreneur. Get it right and you rake in the rewards. One SME that has successfully done this is local IT software-solutions company Juris Technologies Sdn Bhd. It was established in 1997 as NatSoft by See Wai Hun and John Lim, now Juris Technologies’ CEO and CTO respectively. The business started because they saw the opportunity, during the Asian Financial Crisis, to help the financial industry manage litigation. “We went to the banks, which were having problems foreclosing on property and taking people to court because there were so many loan defaulters. They needed software to manage their litigation work but there wasn’t anything like that on the market. “All we needed to do was automate the process,” says See, who adds they expanded laterally with the realisation banks not only had debt-recovery issues but also needed collection automation.

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