Clearing closets for cash
Calyn Yap | 14 Aug 2015 00:30
The mobile application (app) wave has revolutionised the way consumers interact with technology, especially the ease of buying and selling products using a mobile device. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace ClosetStyles may be one of the many consumer trading platforms available today for pre-loved fashion, the latest buzzword for second-hand clothes, bags and accessories, but what sets it apart is the innovative way it has executed a simple business model. Its founder Fong Kam Ling recognises there are other marketplaces out there operating on a similar model. She stresses, however, that ClosetStyles’ fashion niche, its focus on developing features to enhance user experience, and its aim to build a community of fashion lovers by incorporating a social aspect into the app are its strong points. “What our app marketplace does is help women turn their closets into cash by selling their pre-loved fashion. I have four sisters, and growing up, I raided their closets because they always seemed to have better clothes than me. It’s based on the concepts of unlimited fashion and closet sharing,” she says.