Driving Malaysian fintech growth
Calyn Yap | 12 Oct 2018 00:30
There are many accelerator programmes catering for new entrepreneurs in ideating products, but few are designed for entrepreneurs with a track record of success in their domestic market and wanting to replicate that success in the Southeast Asia region.

According to financial technology (fintech) accelerator SuperCharger Malaysia general manager Johnny Mayo, there is a need for programmes especially for later-stage scale-ups looking for better access to markets in the region. According to Mayo, this is precisely what the SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator Programme aims to do.

“By not taking any equity in the companies we accelerate, we can attract later-stage scale-ups that are looking to soft-land in the Asia-Pacific, choosing Malaysia as their base of operations for regional expansion,” he explains.

SuperCharger, which originated in Hong Kong in 2015, is different from other accelerators in that it publicly announces its results following the 12-week programme’s conclusion.

For instance, its most recent cohort in Hong Kong achieved 47 commercial deals with another 204 deals in the pipeline, raising US$14.4 mil (RM59.8 mil). It has received 17 awards and also formed a network of 372 mentors, partners, regulators and business stakeholders.

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