Incorporating IT into oil palm plantations
Behonce Beh | 11 May 2018 00:30
LintraMax (M) Sdn Bhd, an integrated plantation management software solutions provider, hopes to change the way plantations are managed via its cloud-based plantation management system designed for plantations of oil palm, rubber and other crops.

Its founder Khor Kheng Khoon believes it is the right time for the plantation industry to digitise practices.

“Everyone is talking about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 but no one is looking at Agriculture Industry 1.0,” he points out.

This home-grown technology company aims to enable business executives to access documents and workflows from mobile devices, reducing the need for them to be in the office.

LintraMax’s previous offerings were mainly on-site, licence-based solutions. Now with the newly-launched QuartoConnect, a cloud-based subscription service, he feels the time is ripe for change.

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