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Move swiftly to stop the rot in public universitie
FocusM | 17 Aug 2018 00:30
The new government is aiming for our public universities to be A+.

Many say that’s ambitious. For the longest time, the previous government had been making all kinds of promises but little came out of them.

Our public universities are badly in need of a shake-up. And the revamp and clean-up should begin at the top. Their vice-chancellors, deputies and even lecturers must be appointed based on meritocracy and nothing else.

There is a strong perception that most of the top appointments in public universities were in the past based on political considerations. Some universities unbelievably even appointed vice-chancellors who didn’t possess a PhD. It’s good that several heads of public universities have already been replaced under the new government.

Students were told to stay away from politics if they showed leanings towards the opposition. Disciplinary action was taken against university staff and students who merely attended rallies deemed to be anti-government.

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