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Respect the rule of law
FocusM | 07 Sep 2018 00:30
After 61 years of independence, there is unfortunately still a small minority in the country bent on stirring up racial and religious tensions.

From the comments made by these individuals, they seem to be party supporters of the previous government. Their antics are raising eyebrows.

The results of GE14 show that the majority of Malaysians are not really bothered about race or religious issues. What was more important to them were the rising cost of living, corruption and abuse of power by the authorities. The mega 1MDB scandal also heavily influenced voters to boot out the previous government.

Thus, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government won on the promise of resolving these socio-economic issues. The previous ruling party realised to its folly that campaigning on racial and religious issues lost them the election.

But some politicians never seem to learn. Despite their blunder, recent comments post-election indicate they are going down the wrong path again.

It is time to do away with race and religious-centric political parties. All they do is try to drum up support using racial slurs, even against the prime minister.

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