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Something is not right at public hospitals
FocusM | 10 Aug 2018 00:30
Public hospitals are supposed to be a place where the sick can seek treatment in a safe environment.

But in Malaysia if you are unlucky, the public hospital you are in might catch fire, see its ceiling collapse, have defective equipment or even cause your death by negligence.

The latest shocker is the discovery that 1,963 defects, of which 242 are major, had not been rectified at the RM110 mil Alor Gajah hospital. The 2017 Auditor- General’s report revealed that on top of that, RM1.58 mil worth of surgical and rehabilitation equipment had not been used.

Its mind-boggling how the hospital could have been allowed to operate since February 2013 when 242 major defects had yet to be rectified.

Also, nearly RM5 mil had to be paid to another contractor to rectify defects. Who is going to ultimately shoulder this RM5 mil repair bill?

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