Surprisingly Sporty
Richard Augustin | 05 Jan 2018 00:30
The sleek exterior is a major selling point for the Elantra Sport

The Honda Civic has dominated the C-segment market for a number of years now. There were some contenders, but eventually, most were left eating dust by the might of the Honda brand and popular Civic nameplate. However, Civic may need to pay more attention to its rearview mirror – one particular competitor is giving it serious chase. 

Much like the Civic, the Korean model is also offered in the standard 2.0 Executive. However, it is the sport variant that proves to be a solid option, providing ample power and driveability, which is certainly giving its more illustrious Japanese competitor well in check.

Before you scoff, yes, we admit that the Elantra nameplate hasn’t been on the radar of most consumers despite it being around for nearly three decades. It actually took Hyundai five generations to make drivers sit up and take notice of the model. The previous generation bucked the trend somewhat for the Korean car brand but the current sixth generation, which you see here, is proof that the Elantra has finally arrived as a certifiable contender.