Can we perfect that email for you?
Tan Jee Yee | 08 Jul 2015 18:25
Millions of emails are sent worldwide every hour, yet it’s sometimes difficult to word an email appropriately
A total of 144.8 billion emails are sent out each day, according to technology market research company Radicati Group. The average person spends about 11.2 hours weekly reading the over-flowing stack in their inboxes, while office workers receive and send about 121 emails per day. Needless to say, a lot of emails are currently coursing through and across the World Wide Web. So why is it so hard to write an email sometimes? We’re referring specifically to the first few email exchanges with people that one is not familiar with. The new boss, for example, or that lady you shook hands with and only spoke to for a couple of minutes and who has requested your month’s portfolio via email by evening. How do you approach those emails? Should you be short, courteous? Do you write in polite, long-winded prose? Do you put a joke in? Do you include a smiley face? An animated gif? It’s a multiple-door decision, where the wrong choice sends you down the shark tank. If you consider that good communication hinges upon empathy, how do you frame an email without knowing the other person? With some technological help, of course. Crystal ( touts itself as “the biggest improvement to email since spellcheck”, and in some ways it truly is. The service promises to help you understand how best to email any particular person, so you don’t end up writing an embarrassing spiel of words. All you have to do is pick a person to email, and Crystal will begin drawing public data about that person from around the web before tossing it through “proprietary personality detection technology” and giving you a report on that person’s preferred style of communicating. Crystal can function alongside Gmail, and it’s highly fascinating to watch it work. For the full story, read it on page 14 in the latest issue of Focusweek.

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