Delving into cryptocurrency exchanges
Tan Jee Yee | 24 Aug 2018 00:30
There are three things that 33-year-old Evan Choong does every morning. Firstly, he prepares a cup of coffee. Next, he feeds his cat. Thirdly, he turns on Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, on his laptop.

When he’s not performing his work as an interior architect, Choong is a cryptocurrency investor.

He first dipped his toes into it four  years ago, curious about the whole venture. Now he is, in his words, “knee-deep in likely too much cryptocurrency coins.”

With his coffee and fed cat, Choong checks Coinbase to see the ups and downs of his various cryptocurrency investments.

Like stock charts, they appear complicated and intimidating, though Choong assures that any investor would “get the hang of it” in no time.

“Basically, I monitor their performance. Then I decide if I would want to buy in or sell out. You know, like any other investments,” he says.

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