Harvesting some savings with greens
Tan Jee Yee | 10 Nov 2017 00:30
With the cost of living increasing yearly, could growing your own vegetables help you save money? –
For the sake of saving money, Ling Chee Keong doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Most weekends, neighbours would see him going back and forth the garden of his corner-lot terraced house, clothes drenched in sweat and hands caked with soil.

His yard is less of a garden now, and more like a tiny farm. On it are short rows of lettuce, spinach and kailan, and racks that support long beans. A few pots with some fledgling cili padi stood along the wall.

Ling hopes to add some herbs to his farm. “Lemon grass, perhaps. Basil, maybe curry leaves. I’m thinking tomatoes, too, but I’m not sure I have enough space,” he tells FocusM

Expensive groceries
Ling is an electrician, following his father’s footsteps. Three years ago, while repairing the circuit board of a client in Cheras, he discovered a thriving garden of vegetables grown in the backyard.