How to win your case at the housing tribunal
Lim Siew May | 16 Jun 2017 00:30
For many of us, a property will likely be the biggest investment we will make in our lifetime. When we are handed over a newly-completed property that falls below our expectations by virtue of shoddy workmanship or late delivery, this can take a financial and emotional toll on us. 
Thankfully, there’s an avenue for you to address common grievances against the developer which sold you the property through the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims. 

Set up in 2002 by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, the tribunal hears disputes between homebuyers and developers. This mechanism provides an inexpensive and efficient alternative to going to court.

National House Buyers Association (HBA) honorary secretary-general Chang Kim Loong says most cases brought to the tribunal are related to liquidated ascertained damages (LAD) and defects.