Spending wisely on video games
Tan Jee Yee | 27 Jul 2018 00:30
It’s hard to imagine a time when video games weren’t as deeply entrenched in public consciousness as it is today.

It used to be that video games were only for those who could afford game consoles or personal computers, if not in video game arcades, where allowances are swallowed faster than any school lunch.

Today, everyone with a mobile phone having access to video games is able to play a bevy of online games. 

The rise of middle-income households in the country means more people are willing to pay for video game consoles.

There is also the proliferation of video game retailers in urban areas.

It is estimated that video gamers around the world spend about US$138 bil (RM560 bil) on games this year, according to the games market intelligence company Newzoo.

Malaysians are expected to spend a lot too. In 2017, Newzoo reported that Malaysians generated US$289 mil in revenue for the gaming industry.

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