Upskilling for the digital workforce
Tan Jee Yee | 21 Apr 2017 00:00
The workforce of the future

The government has taken a number of important measures to ensure the nation and its workforce is ready for the digital economy.

These include launching the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) on March 23, a project that is expected to generate 60,000 jobs, along with government agencies creating 10 premier higher learning institutes of digital tech.

Yet little has been said about the current workforce. That is, the majority of employees in the workforce today who will inevitably face possible unemployment or redundancy in the face of a changing workforce and economy.

The thing about the digital economy is that it’s not just a plan down the pipeline – it is largely the state of the economy today. As such, millions of workers now would need to be prepared for the digital workforce as well. The question that arises is whether or not there needs to be a focus to upskill and reskill the existing workforce for the digital economy.