Giants in the making
Calyn Yap | 06 Jan 2017 00:30
The risk takers have gained prominence in the past one to five years
IT is said 90% of new start-ups fail. That chilling fact will deter any budding entrepreneur from wanting to venture into business. However, the main reason for their failure is simple – they make products or provide services that few people want. Whether it’s a lack of planning or depending too much on “gut” feelings, these failed entrepreneurs will lick their wounds and probably be scarred for life, never wanting to go into business again. But the rest are shining examples of risk takers who have the grit and determination to ensure their start-ups succeed. Malaysia has its fair share of successes when it comes to start-ups. One of the better-known ones is transportation technology company Grab, which is making waves regionally and internationally. FocusM identifies the top 10 start-ups (based on funds they raised last year) which have slowly but surely gained prominence in their respective fields in the last one to five years. Last year, they raised US$111.28 mil. In total, they have raised US$154.41 mil to date.

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