Will the sun keep on shining on JF Tech?
Emmanuel Samarathisa | 24 Aug 2018 00:30
In the highly protected world of intellectual property, losing a patent infringement lawsuit is not an option, especially if you are JF Technology Bhd ( JF Tech).

The local test-sockets maker has been caught in a legal tussle to clear its name and the originality of its test contactor Zigma, after US-based Johnstech International Corporation ( JTI) filed a suit for patent infringement a few years ago. However, JF Tech is challenging the suit.

“We are going all the way to the appeals court as we are confident we have not infringed as a matter of law,” JF Tech founder Datuk Foong Wei Koung tells FocusM.

Recall that there have been two trials. The first was in September 2016 in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, which ruled in favour of JTI, with the jury finding that JF Tech had “wilfully infringed” and caused “induced infringement” of JTI US Patent No. 7,059,866 by selling the Zigma product.

The second trial was on June 8 this year and the district court judge again ruled in favour of JTI and against JF Tech on patent infringement.

A permanent injunction was issued against the Malaysian company, therefore banning the making, using or selling of Zigma products in the US. As a result, JTI has been awarded US$1.5 mil (RM6.5 mil) in damages. However, according to an Aug 7 filing on Bursa Malaysia, JF Tech is appealing against the judgment and may seek a possible stay of execution.

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