Where have all the theme parks gone?
V Sanjugtha | 17 Mar 2017 00:30

It was once the rave for developers to incorporate theme parks into their massive integrated development masterplans in a bid to catalyse demand for the project. However, as the real estate bull run grinds to a halt, many have either dispensed with such plans or deferred them indefinitely.


A property analyst says many developers announced the inclusion of a theme park component in their integrated development project as a key attraction to boost demand following the overwhelming success of Sunway’s theme park in catalysing growth in that area.


With so many developers jumping on the theme park bandwagon, at one time it was announced that Malaysia will be home to about 50 theme parks by 2020, many were water theme parks.


However, a check by FocusM revealed that most of these plans have now been put on hold, citing “postponed indefinitely” or “no plans at the moment” as reasons.