Year of the boar ushers in recovery
Joseph Wong | 08 Feb 2019 00:30
As the boar displaces the dog as the new Chinese Zodiac animal, its influence on the property sector is expected to usher in more favourable aspects to the property market. The earth, wood and fire elements will bring better fortune to developers and propertyrelated industry players.

The property market had entered a more challenging phase since 2016, but this year, despite facing further challenges, it will see positive signs emerging.

“It is still a buyers’ market, so when we come to this year, we should see some positive signs. For 2018, we saw the starting of the transformation of the new world order. In this transformation we saw a lot of changes,” says feng shui master Kenny Hoo, who is known for his unique combination of traditional feng shui methodology and modern, scientific tools and technologies.

He describes last year as one filled with challenges as evident in the economy and the property market.

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