CSR & Nutrition Innovation signs partnership to...
Focus Malaysia 08 Feb 2019 12:58
Leading Malaysian sugar and food ingredient company, Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR), have announced that they have signed an exclusive partnership agreement with food technology company, Nutrition Innovation, to bring healthier sugar and sugar reduction solutions for the benefit of all Malaysians.
This builds upon CSR’s successful launch of “Better Brown Low G Sugar”, a low glycemic sugar in November 2018. This innovative product, a first for Malaysia, helps to support normal blood sugar levels and leverages the Nucane™ technology from Nutrition Innovation.
“CSR’s vision is to develop a comprehensive range of innovative and healthier food ingredients for the Malaysia market. All across Malaysia, people are challenged by obesity and diabetes and we believe it is our responsibility to provide high quality and affordable solutions to both consumers and brands to help them win these challenges,” said Hishammuddin Hasan, Chief Executive Officer of CSR. “The technology and science from Nutrition Innovation will play a key part in helping CSR achieve our vision over the coming years,” he added.  
Nutrition Innovation is a Singapore based company founded by leading Australian scientist, Dr David Kannar. Nutrition Innovation’s purpose is to make the world a healthier place by creating scalable, efficient and effective sugar technology solutions for manufacturers around the world.
“The world is suffering from an obesity and diabetes epidemic which is costing both lives and trillions of dollars. By partnering with CSR we can jointly give Malaysian access to both reduced and better carbohydrate solutions which cannot just be an alternative to processed sucrose but more importantly, improve healthier choices by adding functional and nutritional benefits. CSR’s leadership, strength and vision makes them the perfect partner for us in Malaysia” said Dr Kannar.  

The new Better Brown Low G Sugar addresses market demand for a healthier option to replace white sugar. While white sugar GI counts is 69 ± 5, CSR’s latest product carries a GI count of less than 55 or less, and yet provides the same sweet taste. This leaves Malaysians with a healthier sugar version.

The introduction of the Better Brown Low G sugar is not just a business opportunity but a responsibility both organisations are championing as part of the effort to create awareness amongst Malaysians on choosing the healthier option including consuming sugar responsibly and living an active lifestyle with regular exercise.

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