Dropee Hosts M'sia’s first F&B O2O Wholesale Event
Focus Malaysia 23 Sep 2019 13:33
Over the past weekend, B2B e-Commerce marketplace Dropee hosted an inaugural Digital Wholesale Market (Food & Beverage Edition) event on Saturday 21st September, at Da Men Mall in Subang Jaya. This event aimed to catalyse and boost digital wholesale transactions between featured local suppliers and businesses in Malaysia’s F&B industry. To encourage this, Dropee guaranteed the lowest wholesale prices for over 1000 products across a wide variety of food and beverage categories.

Currently, F&B businesses face many problems with traditional procurement methods, such as:
i) Difficulty in comparing wholesale prices to find the best deals
ii) Limited access to a wider supplier network and product selection
iii) Fragmented documentation of orders from various suppliers, leading to poor tracking and overwhelming paperwork
iv) Lack of trust between suppliers and buyers, due to poor transparency throughout the procurement process.

By hosting the first offline-to-online food and beverage B2B event in Malaysia, Dropee played a pioneering role in empowering F&B businesses to start utilising e-procurement - through demonstrating how going digital solves the deep-seated issues they face within traditional supply chains. As part of the offline-to-online concept, the event was fully cashless: all wholesale transactions took place digitally, with fulfilment and delivery to be completed post-event. Noted local F&B suppliers such as Unilever Food Solutions, Darabif, Kawan Food, Aik Cheong, Nibou, Worldline Corporation, Crabee, Seafood Valley, and many more participated in this highly-anticipated event.

The event was officiated by Dropee’s CEO, Lennise Ng, and COO, Aizat Rahim, who thanked participating suppliers and buyers for being part of the e-procurement revolution towards a more efficient and highly-connected supply chain in Malaysia. Maxis and KipleBiz were Dropee’s official Strategic Partners for this event. Imran Shahid, Head of Solution Sales & Pre-Sales at Maxis, spoke onstage about how digital technologies have the power to transform and drive positive change in Malaysian businesses. In a similar vein, Kenneth Kuan, Sales Director at KipleBiz, delivered a speech on how wholesale e-Commerce marketplaces like Dropee can help offline businesses boost their growth and gain wider visibility more quickly and easily.

One lucky winner, Gaurav Joshi (Director at Mojo’s Kitchen), was awarded a RM3000 voucher for use at the event as part of a pre-registration lucky draw promotion. He was thrilled by this opportunity to stock up digitally on essential ingredients for his F&B business and get everything delivered to his doorstep - without the hassle of simultaneously managing multiple suppliers and transporting heavy cartons. The event’s atmosphere was vibrant and lively as participating suppliers cooked and offered tasting samples of their products, drawing the crowds in with mouth-watering aromas of various delicious and freshly-prepared food and giving F&B business buyers a clear picture of what they could source from

Businesses who source and procure supplies digitally via Dropee will have order and inventory information documented on a centralised platform, enabling easy tracking and management. This helps reduce the need for manual paperwork, thus helping suppliers and retailers divert this saved time towards growing their businesses instead. Through their platform, Dropee yearns to facilitate transparency and convenience for all retailers to perform their B2B transactions online, which is in line with the Malaysian government’s initiative to support the Digital Economy Agenda.

Founded in June 2016, Dropee is a one-stop business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce marketplace geared to transform the way businesses buy and sell in bulk. Dropee’s platform connects suppliers with small-to-medium enterprise (SME) business owners in real time - effectively streamlining the product fulfilment process and facilitating bulk purchases via a suite of comprehensive enterprise solutions. Suppliers and brand owners work directly with Dropee to improve their existing operational processes to become more efficient, agile, and customer-focused.

Leveraging on Dropee’s technology, companies are able to maximise fulfilment output and deliver more seamless customer experiences, thus resulting in greater numbers of new customers and an increase in order volume. Dropee currently specialises in the Food & Beverage, FMCG and retail market segments. To date, Dropee supports more than 1,400 brands, an excess of 10,000 SKUs, and serves over 1,000 businesses. Current business partners include Asia Brands Berhad, Lee’s Frozen Food, and Delfi Marketing, among many others. Dropee has previously raised financing from angel investors, a grant from Cradle Fund and a venture round from Vynn Capital.

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