eziPOD announced its partnership with Shoe Mo
Focus Malaysia 27 May 2019 15:39
eziPOD, the 24/7 smart locker laundry service today announced its partnership with South East Asia's leading shoe and sneaker care, Shoe Mo to expand its service to shoe cleaning under one seamless app to offer convenience to Malaysians. On top of that, eziPOD is aiming to launch a parcel feature where users can collect their parcels from the eziPOD locker, after courier services drop them off.

With eziPOD’s recent partnership with Shoe Mo, users can drop their dirty shoes off at the eziPOD smart lockers, where the company would pick them up and deliver them to ShoeMo for processing. eziPOD will then pick the cleaned shoes up and deliver them back to the smart lockers, ready to be picked up by the user.

Get your shoes cleaned with eziPOD in a few simple steps:
● Step 1: Download the eziPOD app.
● Step 2: Go to an eziPOD smart locker, select the service needed and the number of items deposited. A QR code will be generated.
● Step 3: User scans QR code that is push, allowing the items to be deposited.
● Step 4: Once laundry or shoes have been processed, user will be notified via the eziPOD app. During pick up, user scans QR code that is pushed to the app. Your items are now squeaky clean and ready to go!

“Now that eziPOD’s smart locker service extends to shoe cleaning and soon-to-be-launched parcel management, users with busy schedules can be rest assured that their belongings will be well taken care of until it is time to go home with their owners. Our vision is to continue innovating the use of the smart lockers as it will ensure a seamless and reliable process from the moment users drop off and pick up the items” added Venon Tian, Chief Operating Office and co-founder of eziPOD.

Making Malaysian’s Life Easier Through Smart Cleaning
According to a recent article by Business Insider, outsourcing daily chores like laundry can help make people happier and less stressed 1 . The article quotes Harvard Business School professor, Ashley Whillans, who explained that getting rid of stressful or tedious things from our to-do lists frees up more time in a person’s life, allowing them to spend it with family and friends, thus leading to increased happiness.

It is with this sentiment in mind that the team at eziPOD provides its all-rounded cleaning service for both clothes and shoes as well as the upcoming parcel pick-up service to ensure that Malaysians everywhere can enjoy their free time more fruitfully.

Available in malls, condominiums and office towers across Klang Valley, the company’s 24-hour smart lockers make dropping dirty laundry and shoes off at any given time possible. On top of that, eziPOD’s technology ensures the safety of user belongings by having the smart lockers operate on specific QR code access, unique to the user to whom it is generated.

“Nobody likes to see dirty clothes piling up at home and it’s difficult to be in the mood for laundry, especially after a hectic day at work. We started this 24/7 smart locker laundry service to solve this problem so that people will have more time for themselves after work while eziPOD takes care of their laundry,” explained Venon Tian.

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