HSBC most innovative investment bank of the year
Focus Malaysia 10 Oct 2018 16:06
The Banker recognised HSBC’s ability to provide innovative ideas to corporates and financial institutions by awarding us the ‘Most Innovative Investment Bank of the Year’ in two categories: globally and from Western Europe.

“HSBC has led the industry, from arranging financing for key infrastructure projects such as airports and railways, to supporting sustainable development projects, and using financial technology to help clients across the world,” said The Banker.

The magazine also awarded HSBC the ‘Most Innovative Investment Bank for Bonds’ reflecting HSBC’s work in advancing the bonds market. “It was impossible to overlook one of the asset class’s stalwarts”, The Banker stated.

“We have a true network stretching from Asia, through Europe and into the Americas,” commented Samir Assaf, CEO, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC. “We are not dependent on a domestic market from which we go international. Instead, we have a balanced and interconnected business that helps our clients all over the globe.”

The awards were presented at The Banker’s annual awards ceremony in London recently. Its awards editorial highlighted HSBC’s:
- "Instrumental role” in national infrastructure projects such as the Nacala Railway
and Port Corridor in sub Saharan Africa, Dubai airport’s expansion, and the
modernisation of Peru’s Talara oil refinery
- Prominent role in advising and financing clients along China’s New Silk Road, known
as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
- Commitment to emerging markets, particularly by launching HSBC Qianhai
Securities in China
- Support for sovereign clients, including our ongoing work that has helped Egypt
recover from its 2016 currency crisis
- Leading role on the world’s first sovereign green Islamic bond (sukuk) for Indonesia
- Issuance of the world’s first benchmark bond to support the UN’s Sustainable
Development Goals
- Notable role as a joint book runner on the first century bond launched by a sub-
investment grade credit, a $2,75bn sale by Argentina in mid-2017.

The Banker is a leading financial publication that has been covering the global financial sector since 1926.

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