SmartBite offers meals from top restaurants in KL
Focus Malaysia 15 Mar 2019 14:25

SmartBite, KL-based food tech company, has officially launched a new service called “Smart Daily Offers”, under which they are offering the most affordable meals from some of the city’s best restaurants. The current offering includes well-known brand names like Tealive, Krispy Kreme and Nando’s, and SmartBite is looking to bring on new restaurant partners to offer their users even more affordable options from top restaurants.

The items available next week with the launch of this service are:

● Original Milk Tea from Tealive
● Glazed Donuts from Krispy Kreme
● Grilled Chicken Tenders from Nandos
● Butter Chicken/Fish Rice from Wok n Grill
● Poke Bowl from Kurin

Registered SmartBite users can get up to 50% discounts on these items. This list is a dynamic set of popular items by select restaurants and local eateries that will be updated on the website every week.

SmartBite has a unique working model as compared to other food delivery companies. This food tech startup offers free delivery with no minimum order during pre-scheduled time slots. SmartBite curates restaurants, looking at criteria such as quality, proximity to the user and customer feedback and offers delivery slots beginning 11 am onwards till 6 pm. They currently cover most of the Kuala Lumpur Central Business District and are expanding their reach.

Aiming to become the city’s official lunch hour food service, SmartBite seeks to serve professionals and college students. Launched in early 2016, this SMS-based app is already a popular choice for lunch and dinner among professionals in the city.

To know more about their latest daily discount service on popular items from select brands,visit and register today.

In addition to the “Smart Daily Offers”, SmartBite users can also avail these promo codes valid through the month of March to get discounts up to RM 40

● 50MARCH for RM 5 off on a minimum order of RM 50
● 80MARCH for RM10 off on a minimum order of RM 80
● 150MARCH for RM 20 off on a minimum order of RM 150
● 200 MARCH for RM 40 off on a minimum order of RM 200

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