Vertice's MoU with construction venture in Sarawak
Focus Malaysia 12 Sep 2018 17:54

Vertice Berhad (“Vertice” or “the Group”), formerly known as Voir Holdings Berhad is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Pembinaan RU Sdn. Bhd. (“PRSB”) and Image Façade Construction Sdn. Bhd. (“IFCSB”) to form a strategic alliance between the parties to collaborate and to pursue Pre-Qualification (“Pre-Q”) tender for infrastructure projects in Sarawak (“Project”) namely                 i.            The balance of works to complete the Coastal Road Network, Sarawak
ii.            The Second Trunk Road, Sarawak

If the Pre-Q tender is successful, the three parties will form a joint-venture company (“JVC”) to proceed with the Project in Sarawak .In terms of responsibilities, PRSB is tasked to secure the contract and to provide a management team to successfully deliver the Project while  Vertice and IFCSB will provide the necessary expertise and equipment to deliver the project on time and satisfactorily.

The parties further agree to work together in the true spirit of co-operation to ensure there is a united visible and responsive leadership of the Project and to demonstrate administrative, managerial and financial commitments to the Project. The MOU is effective on 12 September 2018 and shall remain in full force for not longer than one (1) year.

The Board of Vertice commented, “We are very positive on this strategic alliance with PRSB and IFCSB as we jointly tender and execute for projects secured in Sarawak. Both the Coastal Road and the Second Trunk Road Projects are critical for the development of the state of Sarawak which enables motorists travelling along the state to cut down on travelling time and fuel costs while complementing the development of cities and towns along the roads. We are confident that through the partnership with PRSB and IFCSB, and with the reputation and credentials that we are bringing to the table, we will be able to secure and execute the Projects satisfactorily and well beyond the Client’s expectations.”

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