Glowing Reviews
Grace Lim 
Jo Malone’s English Fields collection.

Flower Power

Melvita is synonymous with floral-enhanced solutions and the latest addition to the Extraordinary Waters is pumped with white star lily extract for natural radiance. Bolstered with wintergreen extract and hyaluronic acid, the gorgeous scent and gel-like texture is refreshing, perfect for an instant perk-me-up.


To the Fore

The all-new YSL Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray is a dream come true for the modern woman who needs to ensure her make-up looks as good in the evening as it did when she first put it on in the morning. This is achieved with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and glycerine that work together to retain skin moisture and prevent dehydration throughout the day. Moroccan walnut leaf extract protects skin while jojoba oil adds a soft glow. The lightweight texture leaves a veil on the skin to keep your make-up in place via an invisible protective film.


Triple Treat

Illuminate your skin with the three new products from the L’Occitane Reine Blanche collection. Prime your skin with the Illuminating Lotion, a toner that prepares the skin to absorb the benefits of the other Reine Blanche products while providing long lasting hydration.

Follow up with the Serum formulated with two exceptional ingredients, the meadowsweet flower and white Florentine iris. The gel-to-water serum effectively hydrates skin while also acting as a whitening solution to reduce uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Then there is the White Infusion Cream, a final touch to lock in moisture and refine skin texture for that flawless complexion.


Fab Five

Get transported to the countryside with Jo Malone’s English Fields collection, where each of the limited edition scent captures the essence of the traditional English landscape. Poppy & Barley is a combination of fruity notes with blackcurrant, barley and bran, and softened with powdery notes of white musk.

Bask in the sunny disposition of Primrose & Rye, brightened with mimosa on a delicious base of rye and vanilla. The wholesome scent of Oat & Cornflower is enlivened by vivid blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut, complemented with an elegant vetiver base.

Honey & Crocus presents sweet notes from a bright bloom of crocuses and English lavender, topped with a dash of almond milk. Green Wheat & Meadowsweet rounds up the collection beautifully with its refreshing combination of green wheat, zesty grapefruit and soft white notes of meadowsweet.


Go Deep


Never go to bed without washing away all the make-up. To help rid of the day’s paint and grime with ease, turn to Shu Uemura POREfinist2 deep cleanser. It contains Japanese sakura duo complex that targets the root of pore concerns to significantly decrease blackheads and sebum level. With constant use, large pores become less visible, blackheads begin to unclog, oily shine is reduced and the skin can breathe easy again.


This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 279.