The Art of Sustainable Design
By Evanna Ramly | 22 May 2017 00:38
Flashback to 2007 when COS presented its inaugural show at London’s Royal Academy, followed by the heavily anticipated opening of its first store in Regent Street.

Women the world over were thrilled by everything it represented, which was an antithesis to fast fashion as well as an affirmation of artistic beauty and its lasting significance in a surprising universe of transient style.

“How COS started was very fortunate,” says Marie Honda, managing director of COS. “There was already a gap in the market for a brand like ours, with a lot of focus on high-end design and quality at affordable prices. This approach remains very important to us.”

She adds, “We evaluate the material that we choose, and also the longevity in design – it should last a little longer than a season.”

True to the H&M Group’s values, COS is an equally strong advocate of diversity, as reflected in its compelling portfolio.