MedPlanner Breaks ECF Record
Focus Malaysia | 21 Dec 2018 15:47
MedPlanner, a tech company developing the first all-in-one secure clinical communication app, has closed their equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign on Ata Plus with RM1,000,000 in funding.

The funding round was fully subscribed by a single strategic investor, with vast experience in the management of healthcare delivery in Malaysia, setting a record for the single largest investment in ECF in Malaysia to date. The investment will accelerate MedPlanner's technology-focused mission to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Ezam Mat-Ali, a consultant paediatrician at the London North West University Healthcare, MedPlanner aims to improve the quality of healthcare delivery by developing the first all-in-one secure clinical communication platform for collaboration between clinicians around the world to facilitate better communication and coordination in patient care delivery. The app sets out to solve the expensive and dangerous issue of miscommunication between clinicians, an issue found to incur US$1.7 billion in losses for the US healthcare delivery industry as reported by Harvard Medical Institutions.

“With MedPlanner’s mobile app, clinicians can easily share results, obtain feedback on patients’ progress, and discuss multiple cases concurrently with their team. With over one million patient-related messages each day being processed over non-compliant chat apps in Malaysia’s public hospitals, we are in a unique position now, to launch our solution into Malaysia’s healthcare industry,” said Dr. Ezam, CEO and co-founder of MedPlanner.

The funds raised via ECF will be channeled towards refining MedPlanner’s all-in-one clinical app, as well as the marketing and commercialisation of this product as they set out to launch in five countries next year. “This investment in MedPlanner will help us reach our goal of bringing our solution closer to the healthcare community while providing investors the opportunity to make substantial returns,” Dr Ezam added.

“MedPlanner is looking forward to working with our strategic investor whose mission is so closely aligned with our company’s goals and whose phenomenal track record and network in the healthcare industry, will support our company in realising its full growth potential as we expand internationally,” said Dr. Ezam.

“We are extremely pleased with MedPlanner’s achievement,” said Kyri Andreou, Co-Founder & Director of Ata Plus. He added, “MedPlanner’s campaign has demonstrated to us once again the potential of ECF in Malaysia and the different groups of investors businesses attract with an ECF campaign - whether it be a large crowd of retail investors or a single individual investor. Since our launch, our platform has set the record for the largest number  of investors in a single campaign (318 investors), the smallest minimum ticket size (RM 10), and now, the largest investment from a single investor (RM1,000,000). Because of its unique inclusion of the crowd-at-large, ECF is able to help startups extend their reach beyond their existing network. That way, more opportunities and new possibilities will come forth.”

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