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S​kolafund Becomes the First ECF Exit in Malaysia 
Skolafund’s acquisition proves impact enterprises are investable.
GLT: First bio-based equity crowdfunded company 
GLT raised RM800,000 (an oversubscription of 200%) through’s equity crowdfunding platform in 2016.
MedPlanner Breaks ECF Record 
MedPlanner’s ECF campaign closes with single largest Individual investment To-Date
Oct 25-31,2014
What they don’t teach in driving schools 
An expat summarises the typical Malaysian driver philosophy after years of living in Malaysia, where cars are manufactured without indicators and the right lane is not the fast lane.
Manulife introduces two PRS REIT funds 
For members seeking sustainable yields for retirement savings, in a low interest rate market.
Celcom becomes the first telco globally 
Celcom becomes the first telco globally to be ISO 18295-2:2017 certified.
SGshop launched its inaugural ECF to raise RM 500K 
SGshop has launched its inaugural ECF campaign to raise RM 500k through Ata Plus - to expand its market reach to ASEAN.
Nov 01-07,2014
That's Life
Inspiring tech-savvy kids to plug into nature 
As green spaces in urban areas continue to shrink, encouraging children to connect with nature becomes even more urgent. One environmental organisation shows the way.
Labuan IBFC: 4 New Captive Approvals as of Q2 2018 
The midshore jurisdiction continues to grow its captive insurance industry, chalking up same level of growth in Q1'18.
Setia-Wood obtains MTCS certification 
Setia-Wood obtains MTCS certification
PMM recognised as country certified top employer

PMM was also recognised as the first EQUAL-SALARY certified company in Malaysia early this year.

BIMB Holdings Berhad restructures

Paves the way for listing of Bank Islam.