ARB Berhad signs RM800m deals with Chinese parties
Focus Malaysia 24 Jul 2019 12:28

ARB Berhad’s (“ARB” or “Company” or “Group”) wholly-owned subsidiary, ARBIOT Sdn Bhd (“ARBIOT”), has today entered into a Memorandum of Agreement(s) (“MOA”) with Hangzhou Mayam IoT Tech Co. Ltd (“Hangzhou Mayam”) and Shuifa IoT Tech Co. Ltd (“Shuifa”) for the provision of water supply-related technology. The combined project value is around RM800 million.

For the MOA with Hangzhou Mayam, it involves a strategic partnership with ARBIOT to deploy smart water meters in Malaysia to measure, collect and analyse real-time water consumption information and data, including water leakages, water pressure, date and time of water consumed households (“Smart Water Metering Project”). The project value is RM200 million, and Hangzhou Mayam shall provide the necessary funding to ARBIOT for the implementation.

ARBIOT shall be responsible for the provision of installation, testing, and commissioning of the smart water meters, while Hangzhou Mayam shall submit, apply and obtain the requisite approvals for the Smart Water Metering Project.

Hangzhou Mayam was established in July 2007 and is principally involved in various kind of business areas and technologies such as IoT, information technology hardware and software, industrial automation system, artificial intelligence (“AI”), robotics, data management and storage, sensors,  water, and waste management.

After the signing ceremony, ARB Berhad Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (Investment & Technology) Dato’ Larry Liew Kok Leong ((刘国良) said: “Today’s signing with Hangzhou Mayam is a very important step in the digital transformation of utilities. Not only will it allow them to save costs and increase revenue, but also provide greater satisfaction for customers, who are increasingly demanding the digitalisation of this type of services and a more sustainable management.”

“We hope to leverage on Hangzhou Mayam’s technological know-how to help Malaysia’s water companies/institutions not only to better understand water consumption patterns but also to manage the scarcity and quality of water resources more effectively,” Dato’ Larry added.

For the collaboration with Shuifa, it involves the installation of Smart Household Water Filtration System that can be supplied to the public and individuals. The project value is approximately RM600 million.

Shuifa was incorporated in China in December 2015 and is principally involved in various kind of business areas and technologies such as design, construction, and maintenance of urban real drinking water network, sales, installation and maintenance of water treatment equipment.

ARBIOT shall be responsible for the provision of testing, commissioning, after-sales support, repair and maintenance of the system, while Shuifa shall submit, apply and obtain the requisite approvals for the Smart Household Water Filtration System.

“We believe consumer preference is shifting towards more advanced water filtration devices with the development of technologies that offer the utmost ease of use. What we hope to provide the residents is enhanced water quality, moving from preventative to predictive device maintenance (using the data such as water flow, pressure, temperature, and conductivity), as well as a unique user experience – whereby they can use their mobile devices to control the water temperature when needed. For example, through precise temperature control, it would ease their daily lives,” Dato’ Larry said.

Dato Larry said ARB is targeting to install the smart household water filtration system in 300,000 residential units in Malaysia. “Developers are increasingly willing to indulge and attract buyers in a soft real estate market, and we believe such water filtration system will be a unique selling point for the projects,” Dato’ Larry added.

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