Cuscapi Berhad collaborates with iPay88
Focus Malaysia 03 Dec 2019 11:26

Today, at Signing Ceremony held at the Cuscapi Berhad HQ, Empire City Damansara, the new strategic partnership between Cuscapi Berhad & iPay88 was sealed which would be a collaborative synergy to lead and enable a new paradigm shift in commerce and lifestyle through digital / online payments. This game changing initiative will focus on the Food & Beverage industry with many new exciting & interesting new enablement’s that would surely be the nation’s first.

Cuscapi empowers the F&B brands and industry to deliver flawless digital experiences for their customers on any device, in every location. “We develop business solutions to enable businesses -to delight customers, drive top line revenue and innovate faster level.” - Anthony Gerald Victor, Group Chief Executive Officer, Cuscapi Berhad.

Digital has shifted the power to the customer. F&B business technology, which has traditionally been internal-focused to help scale, must become customer-focused. Introducing, C360engage, an omni-channel crafted uniquely towards optimizing the customers ’s holistic experience. Omni which means ‘all’ - as in ‘all channels’. It means delivering a unified and consistent experience every time in every way a consumer interacts with the brand. C360engage is an intelligent cloud POS system which nurtures & synchronizes every single actions and interaction of the customers at every step via all of the channels together to create a seamless experience for the customers. The system enables restaurant owners to create memorable customer experiences that has proven in keeping return customers and as well as giving good referrals to others, which ultimately boosts up sales for the restaurant business.

“Whether it’s online, mobile or in physical restaurants & café’s, the future of Food & Beverage business depends strongly in making authentic connections with customers and engaging with them on a personal level.” - Anthony Gerald Victor, Group Chief Executive Officer, Cuscapi Berhad.

C360engage ensures top notch professional digital quality is maintained for each and every solution module including web commerce, mobile apps, POS terminals, IoT devices, in-store interactions, customer experiences, edge & cloud computing, real time sales and transaction reporting. It’s a cohesive interactivity and reliability orchestrated by Cuscapi’s advanced technology platform, built and empowered by the vast experience & knowledge invested since the early pioneering years.

C360engage allows the business owners to analyse, understand and predict targeted earnings from past customer experiences. Insights and data analysis provide the means to knowing the customers and understanding their journey accurately.

Customers’ demands are ever changing & increasing; hence, their loyalty needs to be constantly re-earned. C360engage is built to give the customers the memorable experiences they want, as well as where and when they want them, it’s flexible, seamless, and rewarding.

The more channels a consumer has to interact with a brand, the more often that they will make purchases. According to a survey by Fluent, nearly 50% of customers who engage with the Food & Beverage Operators through 10+ channels, said that they make a purchase at their favourite retailer at least once a week.

Internet Retailer listed lengthy/complicated checkout processes as the top reason consumers abandon their online / digital payment transactions with 39.1% of survey respondents citing this reason. 21.7% also said they abandoned a transaction due to a lack of acceptable payment options.

Payments constitute a key component of an experience. Consumers today aspire to use a wide range of payment modes such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets and alternative payment methods. The creation of an enjoyable omni-channel experience is inherently connected to the ability to link with multiple payment providers, POS terminals, e-wallets and card processors, and other necessary third-party vendors.

iPay88 – Malaysia’s Leading Payment Company, providing state-of-the-art payment infrastructure towards a Digital Malaysia will extend their expertise to serve to the evolving and ever demanding requirement of the Digital Society. iPay88 has nurtured and cultivated a unique synergy between the consumer’s payment channels offering multiple - flexible - digital payment possibilities at every channel.

“At iPay88, the path of innovation in business means doing something different and better to make a positive difference in terms of value, quality or productivity by using emerging or proved technologies of the world “said Mr. Chan Kok Long, Co-founder and Executive Director of iPay88.

Today, when consumers pay for purchases using a credit card, there is very limited trackable data available about the transaction. If a customer has paid for an item in a physical restaurant and subsequently makes a different purchase online for delivery perhaps, the system does not necessarily identify that both purchases were made by the same individual. The key to optimizing payments depends on the ability to connect between card-present and card-not-present data. iPay88 would truly optimize the shopping experience from the payment, fulfilment, rewards and security perspectives working coherently with the new multi-faceted lifestyle – retail payments process.

‘The Omni channel concept & architecture elevates the dining - buying – paying experiences to the next level, creating new conveniences – challenges & opportunities to the business owners, business segment and industry’ said Anthony Gerald Victor, Group Chief Executive Officer, Cuscapi Berhad.

Mainly, with this strategic partnership, diners / customers needn’t stand in line and wait to pay for the purchases. They can pay cashless via e-wallet or various digital payment mode that is available on C360engage Cloud POS via iPay88 from anywhere in the premise.

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