Social enterprise enjoys top-notch connectivity
Agro-centric social enterprise enjoys top-notch on-the-go connectivity. | 23 Nov 2019 00:00

Maxis ONEBusiness Smart is an ideal business partner for small business vis-à-vis its handy on-stop mobile and fibre internet package

Simplifying and improving the way businesses work

MAXIS’ ambition is to help businesses of all sizes across key segments succeed by simplifying and improving the way they work. Its converged offerings of innovative technologies and digital solutions are built around an “Always On” proposition.

This leverages Maxis’ unique and industry-leading Fixed and Mobile network that ensures an unrestricted and worry-free experience which can be enjoyed “as a service”. – Maxis Head of Enterprise Practices Claire Featherstone

IMAGINE the frustration of being unable to get through to a company’s landline when wanting to make an enquiry. Or having to dial a few numbers with nobody picking up your call.

Such was the peculiar problem encountered by social enterprise Eats, Shoots & Roots (ESR) whose nine team members comprising urban edible gardeners, designers and educators are usually on the move or stationed outdoor most of the time.

“This is true to the nature of our mission to empower urban folks with the skills and tools to grow their own food in the confines of their home,” shares ESR’s co-founder-cum-design director Low Shao-Lyn. “We want to grow our business fast, yet we don’t wish to inconvenience our potential clients.”

The predicament is now a thing of the past, thanks to a hook-up with Maxis ONEBusiness Smart – a complete mobile and fibre internet package that comes with free smartphones and business solutions.

“Now whenever a client calls our office line – even when we’re outside the office – anyone of us can pick up the call,” enthuses Low, referring to the ONEBusiness Voice Go whereby ESR is given a business phone number to publish.

A cost-effective and scalable mobile hunting line service, ONEBusiness VoiceGo redirects business calls to selected Maxis mobile lines. Users will also get a special 1700 or fixed line number (0X) that will become their virtual business number to ensure that they are reachable by their customers anytime, anywhere.

“For us, adoption is not rocket science but merely a natural progress as most of us are young and tech-savvy ourselves,” reveals Low.

“At the end of the day, what matters more to us is affordability in terms of ringgit and sen considering that we are just a small business.”

Rich mobile data plan

Aside from redirecting calls, Maxis’ ONEBusiness Smart also comes with various data plans – ranging from 20GB to 60GB all-day shareable data (maximum of five lines) – that micro or small businesses can subscribe to depending of their staff strength.

Having unlimited mobile data during work hours is vital to ensure undisrupted connectivity among staff members or even to be in constant contact with clients.

“This has enabled us to reach out to our potential clientele via social media or even to touch base with our existing clients to know if their plants need more attention, i.e. fertiliser or to attend to their other gardening needs,” Low attests.

“Beyond that, a viable data plan makes it possible for us to check our company’s account or read reports at any place, be it in the garden which is the best office space that anyone can have.”

Additionally, small businesses can also subscribe to the Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre plan for their physical offices. The plan starts from 30Mbps @ RM99/month to a maximum of 800Mbps @ RM349/month.

“In retrospect, I don’t think there is a specific time to go digital ... with our technological concern taken care of, I guess it’s high time for us to work harder to grow our business,” quips Low, as she concludes her interview.

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